Top Management


Business Development Manager, he joined Guber Banca in June 2018, after 5 years at UniCredit as Head of Special Network Strategies and 2 years at Mediobanca Credit Solutions as Head of Leased Asset Management and Business Development Manager. Michele graduated in Economics at the Catholic University in Milan.


Head of Transaction & Advisory Team since 2013, she is supported by a team of 10 people. Denise, graduated in Law at the University of Brescia, is a lawyer and, before joining Guber, worked for 6 years in Italian law firms as legal consultant specialized in banking and financial litigation. 


Graduated in Economics at Catholic University in Milan, he is the CFO of Guber Banca. He built his banking expertise within UBI Banca Group, since 2000 to 2016, firstly as CFO of Consumer Finance Branch and, then, joining the Group non performing loan management team. Afterwards he moved to EY SpA with the role of Director, focused on M&A projects, credit evaluations and business plan structuring for finance clients.

Federico Guarneri

Banking Dpt. Manager, has been working in Guber Banca for more than 15 years and he manages the whole process of out-of-court collection on portfolios originated by banks. His staff is composed by 50 people. Federico graduated in Economics at the University of Brescia.


Special Situation Dpt. Manager, he deals with single name acquisitions and the collection process of NPLs claimed towards insolvency proceedings. He is also Managing Director of Assuntore SpA, a company connected to Guber Banca and specialized in compositions with creditors (concordati fallimentari). Davide graduated in Economics at the University of Brescia and has been working in Guber Banca for more than 15 years.


In Guber Banca since 2018 with the role of Head of Judicial Collection, he oversees the whole process of legal collection activities. Graduated in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome and then MRICS, he worked for more than 20 years in companies connected to Goldman Sachs Group. He then took a business path consolidating his real estate knowledge, serving as director a primary RE group. 


Graduated in Foreign Languages at Verona University, she has been working Guber for more than 10 years and she is now in charge of Executive Secretariat and Corporate Affairs. Camilla is also executive assistant to the CEO.


She entered in Guber in 1994 as loan manager dealing with the loans claimed towards bankruptcy proceedings, in 2006 she joined the HR department which she is now under her responsibility. Elisa is one of the figures who lived the birth and the development of the company.


she has been working in Guber Banca since April 2019 as Chief Lending Officer. Before that, Sabrina worked in Mediobanca Group with the roles of Asset Quality Officer in Compass Banca and Chief Risk Officer in Mediobanca Credit Solutions. She graduated in Statistical and Economical Sciences at the University of Milan – Bicocca.


Graduate in Economics and Commerce from the University of Brescia, she developed her ten-plus years of experience in banking at an institution in the Brescia area, holding the positions of Risk Manager and Head of Internal Controls and General Risks first and, later, Head of the General Affairs and Organisation Area and, since 2015, Head of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering.


After graduating in Business Administration from the University of Trieste and obtaining a Masters in Business Administration from the CUOA Business School, he developed his working experience in banks and investment holding companies, where he held, among others, the positions of Head of Corporate Finance and Head of Risk Management


Mirja has over 25-year expertise in the financial sector, with a focus on Real Estate finance. Between 1996 and 2005 she worked as a lawyer in the Banking & Finance Departments of top tier law firms, such as Clifford Chance and Allen&Overy. From 2005 to 2017 she was a Director in Lehman Brothers in the Global Real Estate Group and as from 2008 in the Extraordinary Administration of the Lehman Brothers Group. In 2015 she co-founded Restar, a company operating in the NPE sector, and covered the role of CEO. Upon merger of Restar with Guber Banca last November 2019, she has been appointed as Head of the Real Estate Department of Guber Banca. As from 2014, she is consistently appointed in the boards of directors of several listed companies as Independent Director, having responsibility for various internal Committees.


Graduated in Economics at the University of Verona, Egon worked for 17 years in the insurance world within Generali Group as Chief of Organization and Processes and then as ICT Manager, and then moved to Allianz Worldwide Partner where he worked for more than 2 years with the role of Head of Organizational Management and Business Analytics Management. In 2019 he joined Guber Banca as IT Director.