Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors, is a tool aimed at monitoring the conduct of those who participate in the company’s activities, which sets out the principles of “corporate ethics” of Guber Banca.
It defines the set of values that Guber Banca recognises, accepts and shares, at all levels, in the performance of its business activities.
Guber has been involved in credit management since 1991, basing its activities on principles of honesty, loyalty and transparency and has always operated with integrity, in compliance not only with the current laws and regulations, but also with the ethical values that are considered essential by those whose ultimate goal is to act always and in any case with fairness, respect for the dignity of others, without any discrimination against people based on sex, race, language, personal conditions, religious and political beliefs.
Operating with integrity means acting adequately in compliance with the laws, regulations in force and the rules imposed by company policies, procedures and the code of ethics.
Guber intends to adhere to the principles set out in Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (the “Legislative Decree no. 231/01”) through the adoption of the organisation, management and control model (the “Model”), which finds its highest level of expression in the code of ethics, which is therefore an integral part of the Model.
The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to clearly define the set of principles and values that the Company shares and adopts and the consequent behaviours expected of its employees, directors, collaborators and, more generally, by anyone working in favour of or on behalf of Guber Banca S.p.A.