Servicing e Sub-Servicing

We are one of the main non-captive service suppliers on the Italian market, specialising in the management of NPL portfolios, both unsecured and mortgaged. We take care of the entire credit management and recovery process: 75% of our recoveries take place in the out-of-court phase, completely managed by internal staff, and 80% of the legal actions initiated by Guber, and entrusted to a consolidated network of correspondents, are successful. The whole process is governed by our management software.

Following banking authorisation, we are now also authorised to carry out Master Servicing activities, which to date have consisted of:

  • verification of the operation’s compliance with current law and the prospectus
  • provision of servicing reports for the benefit of subscribers
  • submission of reports to the Bank of Italy on the progress of the operation
  • verification and reconciliation of information relating to collections with the current accounts of the operation
  • sending of reports to the Central Risks Office