Real Estate

Real estate valuations

Real estate valuations are carried out to support the client in accordance with the guidelines laid down by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and IVS (International Valuation Standard). Great attention is paid to identifying the most suitable evaluation criteria and methodologies (Comparables Analysis, DCF Analysis – Income Approach/Hope Value Approach) and market comparisons.

Real Estate Promotion and Lively Auctions

The promotion of properties at auction, according to the logic of agencies linked to the traditional real estate sector, and the ability of our team to provide legal assistance, combined with a widespread presence in the area, allow us to put properties subject to foreclosure procedures in competition with the offer promoted by the traditional market. The aim is to get final interlocutor interested in judicial auctions, increasing the transparency of the process, providing assistance to those who wish to purchase a property at auction.