Purchase of NPL portfolios

We purchase portfolios of non-performing loans directly, taking care of subsequent management and recovery activities. Our purchase proposal is formulated on the basis of recovery estimates, in quantitative and temporal terms, and guided by appropriate control systems and rules that exclude any conflict of interest.

Direct purchase of loans subjected to bankruptcy proceedings

We purchase problematic loans and/or those that are difficult to collect, both from commercial and banking-financial sources, subjected to bankruptcy procedures. This activity can also be aimed at proposing bankruptcy agreements that take into account both the interests of the trustee and creditors. We are also active in this area through the affiliated company Assuntore SpA.

Non-recourse assignment of trade loans and deductibility of losses 

We support companies by offering ourselves as non-recourse purchasers of loans that are difficult to collect (see Revenue Agency Circular n° 14/E – 04/06/2014) , thus enabling the transferor company:

  • to deduct the loss
  • to save on the costs of judicial recovery to justify the loss of credits
  • to have a clean balance sheet and a better rating