NPL Services

Since 1991, we have managed over 16 billion Euros of loans: to date, the AUM (asset under management) is equal to about €9 billion, 90% of which are of banking and financial origin.
We specialise in the management and recovery of non-performing loan portfolios, both unsecured and mortgage loans. Activities are concentrated at the registered and operational headquarters in Brescia, which has more than 180 employees and collaborators, and the legal department has a network of more than 280 lawyers in all the Italian Courts of Appeal districts.

Purchase of NPL portfolios 

We purchase portfolios of non-performing loans directly, taking care of subsequent management and recovery activities. Our purchase proposal is formulated on the basis of recovery estimates, in quantitative and temporal terms, and guided by appropriate control systems and rules that exclude any conflict of interest.

Direct purchase of loans subjected to bankruptcy proceedings

We purchase problematic loans, both from commercial and banking-financial sources, subjected to bankruptcy proceedings. This activity can also be aimed at proposing compositions with creditors that take into account both their interests and trustee’s ones. We are also active in this business through the affiliated company Assuntore SpA.

Non-recourse assignment of trade loans and deductibility of losses

We support companies by offering ourselves as non-recourse purchasers of loans that are difficult to collect (see Revenue Agency Circular no. 14/E – 04/06/2014)  thus enabling the transferor company:

  • to deduct the loss
  • to save on the costs of judicial recovery to justify the loss of credits
  • to have a clean balance sheet and a better rating

Servicing and Sub-Servicing

We are one of the main non-captive servicers on the Italian market, specialising in the management of NPL portfolios, both unsecured and mortgaged. We take care of the entire credit management and recovery process: 75% of our recoveries take place in the out-of-court phase, completely managed by internal staff, and 80% of the legal actions initiated by Guber, and entrusted to a consolidated network of correspondents, are successful. The whole process is governed by our management software.

Following banking authorisation, we are now also authorised to carry out Master Servicing activities, which to date have consisted of:

  • verification of the operation compliance with current law and the securitisation prospectus
  • provision of servicing reports for the benefit of noteholders
  • submission of reports due to the Bank of Italy
  • verification and reconciliation of information relating to collections with the current accounts of the operation
  • sending of reports to Centrale dei Rischi

Due Diligence & Advisory

Our Due Diligence & Advisory team is mainly responsible for the following activities:

  • valuation of non-performing loan portfolios
  • drafting of the relevant price models

In addition to the experience and training of individual analysts, Guber expertise has allowed the consolidation of historical data series on which algorithmic statistical models,
based on homogeneous categories, have been developed and that are a key support to the evaluation of credit.

Thanks to what above, our team of analysts also supports banks in AQR (asset quality review) activities.

Real Estate

Real estate valuations

Real estate valuations are carried out to support our clients in accordance with the guidelines laid down by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and IVS (International Valuation Standard). Great attention is paid to identifying the most suitable evaluation criteria and methodologies (Comparables Analysis, DCF Analysis – Income Approach/Hope Value Approach) and market comparisons.

Real Estate and Auction Promotion

The promotion of properties at auction, according to the logic of agencies linked to the traditional real estate sector, and the ability of our team to provide legal assistance, combined with a widespread presence in the area, allow us to put properties subject to foreclosure procedures in competition with the offer promoted by the traditional market. The aim is to get final interlocutor interested in judicial auctions, increasing the transparency of the process, providing assistance to those who wish to purchase a property at auction.