The Small Ticket department manages both commercial loans, committed to us by companies and bankruptcy proceedings, and consumer credits originated by banks and financial institutions.


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Services for companies

We are able to provide Companies with a special Full Credit Management service, from the initial prior monitoring of deadlines to the final payment/settlement either through non-judicial or judicial procedures.
An entire corporate department of 15 in-house asset managers is dedicated to clients needing the above service. Our twenty-year experience in the sector has enabled the company to develop a Management system for operating processes and communication whose target is not just the debt collection, (although the service remains its priority issue) but also the safeguard of its reputation which means its clients’ reputation as well.

Services for banks and financial institutions

The internal staff is built to manage the whole out-of-court process, from debtors’ data verifications to notification drafting, from phone to home collection.
Considering loan type and the relevant geographical location, we collaborate with a trusty network of external agencies whose activities are constantly supervised by Guber internal staff.
If deemed necessary, a law office with a strong relationship with us will manage seamlessly the legal actions aimed at the credit recovery, focusing on streamlining the judicial activities and containing the relevant costs.

Small Ticket Dpt. also manages salary seizures (1/5), through a software developed ad hoc permitting a constant update about debtor’s account.

Services for bankruptcy proceedings

Over the years we have been charged with several hundred recovery mandates from various Italian Courts. Besides our historical and traditional activity of judicial and extrajudicial loan recovery, we offer the prior debt assessment service. A key issue when dealing with bankrupt companies, it is often represented by unreliable accountancy or late registration entries or delayed payments creating obstacles in a prompt recovery action on debtors’ real exposure. We can handle directly all above occurrences, independently and without any restraints that the office for bankruptcy proceedings may encounter. Therefore, we can begin our assistance on the very first phase of bankruptcy adjudication without burdening or holding up the Bankruptcy Receiver work that should prioritize other functions.