Full credit management

We are fully equipped and structured to offer its clients full credit management including the legal proceedings phase.
Our management software presides over the whole process, can be customized according to the needs of each client who will have a web access to have anytime real updated information.

Out-of-court collection

We carry out our activity in the entire domestic territory with our in-house staff as well as with the assistance of outsourcers/third parties who have previously entered into agreements and who are present in situ.
We are also active in major foreign countries thanks to special agreements entered into with other servicers and we have also set up an in-house multilingual foreign office expressly in charge of both direct loan collection and the coordination of the corresponding servicers.

Out of court loan collection remains currently our core business since we prefer to approach issues by negotiating DPO’s or through compromised agreements wherever feasible and convenient, being aimed at he best achievable outcome maximizing all efforts. Statistical data processing definitely confirms that more than 75% of debt collection closes with a non-judicial settlement.
The high collection performances worked out successfully in the process of our activity are strictly related to the ongoing training of our asset managers and staff as well as to their deep determination.

Judicial collection

We can count on a network of lawyers working in each Court of Appeal district. Therefore, such network enables us, whenever necessary, to guarantee our presence and legal assistance on the debtor place of jurisdiction.
Judicial loan collection as planned by us turns out to be a virtuously “revolutionary” service, expressly thought out for clients who are strongly result-targeted and need at the same time simple operating procedures, high transparency and reliable budgeting.
Our statistical data processing shows that during the last five years, more than 80% of legal proceedings taken against third parties by our staff were successful and registered a total or partial settlement of due outstanding amounts. The achievement of such high performance reflects the adoption of a software system that is “industrially” managed and structured to monitor timing/procedures and standard cost application.