Due Diligence & Advisory

Our advisory and due diligence activity is the valuation of financial or banking portfolios of non-performing loans.
The necessary expertise in the valuation of NPL is closely related to technical and law knowledge as well as to practical knowledge acquired through experience in the field of direct debt collection and management.
All our analysts got their degree in law or economics and they all attended in-house training and gained experience in the “field”.
The experience and skill of each analyst and the assistance of Guber’s long-term experience allowed us to gather up series of historic transactions upon which statistical algorithmic models based on homogeneous categories have been elaborated: they represent a decisive support system to debt assessment.

Asset Quality Review (AQR)

To support the Banks in adapting their methods to the standards required by the Bank of Italy and EBA, and thanks to our expertise in NPL assessment, we provide the Client with: