Direct acquisition from insolvency proceedings

Being provided with the license issued as per article 115 of the Public Safety Act (TULPS), we have the license of purchasing debts.
We acquire unsecured debts whose settlement is uncertain and/or difficult, claimed against Insolvency Proceedings, either by commercial parties or from financial and banking activities.
The debt assignment is usually done without recourse and it is previously subject to a due diligence performance in order to estimate the value of the loan and/or of the entire debt portfolio.
This kind of activity can also be aimed to the proposal of compositions with creditors considering both the proceeding bodies’ and creditors’ interests. In such cases we work through our subsidiary company, Assuntore SpA.
In our opinion, the counterpart choice is a key issue in terms of debt assignment.
Therefore, we would like to point out that the economic estimation is not the only feature to take into consideration on such matters; other features such as the professional conduct and the good reputation are highly recommended.